Enjoy Cool Icy Treats in Blazing Summer Heat

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Enjoy Cool Icy Treats in Blazing Summer Heat


Ho Jia Ice Shop


【◎Written by Li Siao-ping ◎Translation by Lin Yu-ciao ◎Photos by Carter】

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Young and old find it refreshing to seek cool treats in the scorching summer heat. Kaohsiung has three distinctive ice shops where visitors can savor delicious homemade icy treats to cool down.

Yuan Zhi Yuan Wei Ice & Drink Shop (圓知圓味手作甜品&冰品)

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Yuan Zhi Yuan Wei Ice & Drink Shop has made a name for itself with its unique “Mochi Hot & Cold Shaved Ice,” which is served with shaved ice surrounded by a medley of toppings and complemented by hot sesame and peanut-flavored Mochi, dusted with roasted wheat flour and crushed OREO cookies, and then drizzled with condensed milk. It offers a delightful combination of contrasting temperatures and multi-layered flavors with crispy and chewy textures.

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Yuan Zhi Yuan Wei Ice & Drink Shop

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One of their most popular summer delights is the mango ice, where luscious mango slices are arranged around a center of matcha-shaved ice. This irresistible, mouthwatering treat is popular with the locals.

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Crown Ice(皇冠冰城)

Crown Ice is a popular ice shop known for its low-fat fresh fruit sorbet ice cream. It has even attracted travelers from Hong Kong, many of whom, upon arriving in Taiwan, immediately venture to the shop to indulge in these summer treats.

Crown Ice

Ho Jia Ice Shop(良品冰室)

Ho Jia Ice Shop is dedicated to innovating traditional ice treats with creative flair. One of their standout offerings is the Taiwanese-style mango shaved ice, adorned with luscious, velvety handmade pudding. This delightful combination creates a delightful array of textures and tantalizes the taste buds with its harmonious blend of flavors. One of their most popular classic dessert ingredients is roasted wheat flour and starch jellies, which has resulted in the highly sought-after “Brown Sugar QQ Roasted Wheat Flour Ice.”

Homemade fruit jam is another key ingredient at Ho Jia Ice Shop, guaranteeing it does not use artificial flavoring or chemical additives. Their invention and commitment to detail have garnered a devoted following, evident in the steady stream of customers that flock to the shop as soon as it opens.

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Yuan Zhi Yuan Wei Ice & Drink Shop

No. 174, Gongjheng Rd., Cianjhen Dist., Kaohsiung City

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FB:Yuan Zhi Yuan Wei Ice & Drink Shop

Crown Ice


No. 151, Gaoping 17th St., Siaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City

FB:Crown Ice

Ho Jia Ice Shop

No. 249, Jhongshan Rd., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City

FB:Ho Jia Ice Shop

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